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Club Coach Mentoring

Another new service for 2017, we are now looking to support coaches in their training with their club goalkeepers.
We can support coaches on both an individual basis, or support as a group of coaches in the same club. See our packages below to see how we could support you in your knowledge of Goalkeeping:
What the package includes 
 Duration (approximately)
Seminar-type session with presentation around chosen topic area. Resources provided and include seminar activities to support learning.
60-90 minutes
Practical demonstration with coaches or club team participating, followed by a q&a session at the end of the demonstration. Resources for session provided to coaches in attendance.
 1-2 hours
Brief overview of topic area with seminar exercise prior to practical demonstration with club team participating. Coaches will be given task whilst observing demonstration to support learning. Q&A opportunity at the end of the demonstration. All resources provided and session filmed, being made accessible to club. 
 2-3 hours
The ultimate learning package for your club! Seminar presentation of Goalkeeping topic area with seminar activities. Practical demonstration with club team participaing, followed by Q&A session. After a break, coaches gain the opportunity to create ideas to deliver their own session related to GK topic and share with the group. All resources provided and all sessions filmed and made accessible to the club.
 3-4 hours