CGK Academy

It's all about the keeper... 

CGK Academy is a Goalkeeping-specific Service arriving in Suffolk that aims to provide high quality support to the development of tomorrow's future Goalkeepers. From Performance Analysis, to Goalkeeping-specific coaching sessions and coach mentoring opportunities, we have a variety of services that can deliver the tools to evolve the knowledge and experience of fellow coaches and Goalkeepers in the GK Union! Browse our Goalkeeping Performance Shed above to get an insight on what CGK Academy can provide to help strive for Goalkeeping success!

Summer GK Course Details Announced!

In the mean time, check out our Private Session taster video as well as our social media pages!



We want our Goalkeepers to be confident of their own ability as well as being confident in making the right decisions within the game.


We want our Goalkeepers to be consistent, being able to deliver the same techniques repetitively to the highest standards.


We want our Goalkeepers to be courageous, be prepared to take risks and be brave attacking the ball from the opposition.