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Payment & Merchandise

CGK Academy - Place to make payments on fees or any other products or services.

If you would prefer to make alternative payment arrangements for CGK Academy, you can do so by the following:

- Bank Transfer

Use the following details in order to perform a bank transfer:

Name: Mr C A Green

Reference: Name of participant & month to pay or block number (e.g. J. Bloggs Sept)


Sort Code: 07-04-36

Account Number: 34779626

- Cheque (There is an additional £1 charge for paying by cheque)

- Cash can be brought to sessions, but MUST be brought within a named envelope. Coach must be notified beforehand this will happen.

- There will be a late fee of £10 charged for payments which do come later than the start of the block booking you have requested to book.

- You maybe eligible for a spread payment for an exceptional circumstance, but please contact [email protected] to request this first. Monthly payments are also acceptable with the Academy upon request.

- Please note there will be NO refunds on fees unless it is at the fault of CGK Academy where then a refund will be authorised.


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