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Match Analysis Service

We want to be able to see our Goalkeepers in action playing for their football clubs using the training we have provided for them. Another method for helping improve performance is through match analysis, where we get to see what aspects of the training are taken into the game.
We will use our analysis methods to get into depth about aspects such as shot stopping, distribution, positional awareness, 1v1's, dealing with crosses and more. We are even capable of analysing more than one area in the same set of analysis!
There is an option to have the match filmed to add to the analysis, but special permission must be granted from both teams in order for this to take place.
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Feedback of Analysis:

"The report was extremely thorough, and gave us some great insight which we can build into our work with Alec going forward. The input and advice was really useful."
Dan Matthews, Moormead FC
"The template was very good, and it is clear and detailed. Not sure what else could be added, but I think it looks great!"
Nick Leon, Parent

Examples of what are we able to do...

  • Frequency/Tally of GK in action related to analysed topic area (e.g. how many distribution techniques are used in the game?)
  • Frequency/Tally of follow-up action (e.g. shot stopping, does the GK recover
to defend the goal, or do they attempt to recover the loose ball with a smother/blocking shape?)
  • Percentage/Frequency of distribution being kept in team's possession or given away to the opposition.
  • Percentage/Frequency of decision making impact on the game (e.g. how many successful decisions were made to attack/defend the 1v1?)
  • Highlights of performance related to analysis document (Special permission from both teams must be granted for filming purposes).
  • Overall feedback of performance, using  What Went Well, Even Better If & What to do Next Time format.