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Training Programmes

A new addition to the business. The purpose of the training programme is to support the Goalkeeper's training requirements to help log a routine that enhances the technical and physical elements of Goalkeeping. These can be written with a longer term goal in mind, or for a programme leading up to a particular event, such as a cup final or a tournament or in preparation for a trial event.  

The duration of the training programme is entirely dependant on you and your purpose of the training. Furthermore, we can incorporate private coaching sessions into the programme to help improve aspects of the Goalkeeping working towards your goal. We are happy to provide recommendations also into the number of private sessions and other physical activity to support your programme through an intial free consultation prior to the programme being written up.

The following will be incorporated into the programme:

  • Working around any other commitments / training sessions
  • Balance of training and rest periods
  • If there are areas of improvement required, these will be specifically incorporated technically and physically into the programme to ensure enough work is being done to help improve them
  • Other activities to support training programme that involve transferable skills to Goalkeeping
  • Components of Fitness / Training
  • Psychological Factors to support mindset